It doesn't always have to be fire or water. Plenty of gas, 80,000 glass marbles, 10,000 liters of thickened milk, 5 tons of peanuts or 2000 liters of coffee are also a challenge for us. But you can also captivate us with falling coffee machines or swaying apartments.We’ll make it rain, whether big or small. We’ll burn whatever you want to see in flames. And above all, we can develop your own special effect, at whatever scale you need—from a gracefully falling feather to the overturning of a house facade.



OPEL - Bubble

Auch, wenn CGI jede Menge der schönsten Effekte geschaffen werden können, geht es bei vielen kreativen Ansätzen auch nicht ohne die reale Umwelt.

In diesem Falle mussten sich die realen Gegenstände nach einer vorgegebenen Choreografie an den richtigen Positionen im richtigen Timing bewegen, kippen, fallen, schwingen.

Sehr gern sind wir das Bindeglied zwischen realer und animierter Welt.

Art Director: Bettina Hagemann

ADIDAS - All in one 

Play with chains, fog, branding, glowing

and burning liquids.Parts of the spot were shot in Munich, the effects all in our studios in Wedel.

SIXT - Teekanne 

Have you ever shot a teapot? It's a blast and a huge mess....

AUDI - S 1 

Triggered explosion on camera flight. Tens

of thousands of glass marbles, feathers, fire, water and sand made this shooting a unique experience.

UK ARMY - Debris 

We shot the settings in the apartment as a

one-take in our studio 1. Brute impact through self-produced crash glass, furniture and walls.


Knives, pots, pans, vegetables and mixers

move through the kitchen by magic. In this case, not computer generated.

BASLER - Sicherheitslabor

Safety first. Hopefully you can see that

we had lots of fun developing the effects. The biggest challenge was an automatically opening zebra crossing.

SAECO - Opener

Why don't you drop a full-sized electric

coffee machine onto a cup? What you see here will certainly not happen.


MILRAM - unsichtbare Umarmung

There's enough bad weather. Unfortunately,

never when you need it for shooting. We were in Nordfriesland with our climbing

rig and wet the thatched roof with 30.000 liters of water.

MB - Dream

We were allowed to play with the silver

arrow, the automotive carriage impressed us deeply.The 300SL fascinates even without looking.

But to put the 500K, with its over 2 tons of weight, on a treadmill was a real

challenge in the end. An inspiring journey through automotive history.

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