There are times where we can do things half(-way)…But it definitely was the entire package of fun. Planning, prepping, realization and the shoot. Cause

the engine was still at full power.

Thanks a lot Lennart, for your trust and this amazing production!

Art Director: Rabbicorn / Woodland Studios GmbH

Burger King –

King`s Selection

Did you ever track a camera through a flaming oven? We did! In our studio 3. Apart from the fire

effects we designed and built the Burger King kitchen and the restaurant section. Yumm project!

Art Director: Woodland Studios GmbH



….go for it all…

one shoot day with a lot of action, rain and heavy wind in the Hamburg Hafencity. Some fun memories: applying

street marks in pouring rain, rolling cars off gradients and magically transforming an underground parking lot into a mobile car repair shop. We had a blast, even though it was a real piece of work.

Art Director: Betty Hagemann


Globetrotter, Germanies biggest outdoor supplier, is celebrating their 40th anniversary.

The Idea: Virtual Reality.

Together with Infected GmbH, we created a combination from real objects, sound, vibrating plates, air conditioning systems and wind machines. In a very elaborate designed virtual reality world, within a transportable 36 square meter big box, that still tours through Germany.

The participants are being equipped with the VR glasses, foot trackers and a mobile backpack and are

sent off to new experiences.

Storm, falling rocks, bridges that break and fall into the depth. this hyper-real-adventure ends in the highlight of a breathtaking balloon flight.

We didn’t just build the box but are traveling with it and overseeing it on all Globetrotter events, in the Globetrotter stores and on their exhibitions, like the ISPO or F.RE.E in Munich.

Art Director: Infected GmbH – Woodland Studios GmbH


Inside the Action

Along with Netflix, in cooperation with agency XY, we created and built an installation into the Centro Oberhausen on the film release of „6 Underground“.

Titel: Inside the action.

This environment set the perfect stage for their

pictures and photos.

The timeframe to build this installation was only two nights before the opening event. A real challenge, considering the


Our reward was the enthusiastic reaction of the


Art Director: Agentur XY – Woodland Studios GmbH

ZX Aqua Rider

We had the honor of producing this real unique piece of the Aqua Riders for the Overkill shop in Berlin and Adidas.

A lot of water has flown down the Elbe and the Spree. It was great fun! thanks a lot Nicklas for your trust.

Art Director: Chunk Hamburg – Agentur XY

OPEL – Bubble

Auch, wenn CGI jede Menge der schönsten Effekte geschaffen werden können, geht es bei vielen kreativen Ansätzen auch nicht ohne die reale Umwelt.

In diesem Falle mussten sich die realen Gegenstände nach einer vorgegebenen Choreografie an den richtigen Positionen im richtigen Timing bewegen, kippen, fallen, schwingen.

Sehr gern sind wir das Bindeglied zwischen realer und animierter Welt.

Art Director: Betty Hagemann

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